Coming Soon: La Rose

Coming Soon: La Rose

Clover and I just returned from across the pond. We were visiting my Daddy Gregson, my stepmom Julia and my three sisters and their respective children. We all gathered at our parents house in Wales to celebrate my Daddy Gregson’s 88th birthday. My Daddy Wagner also turned 88 this February. I guess 88 is the magic number for both my father’s!

Speaking of birthdays, my mom’s is around the corner. It is hard to believe that this July 20th she would have turned 80 years old! Wow. I wonder what she would have thought about turning 80. I imagine there would be parts of getting older that she would not have enjoyed so much-like wrinkles and parts of getting older that she would have loved-like seeing Courtney and me grow up and getting to know her granddaughter Clover.

I have mentioned in the past that we have been working on a new fragrance and it is FINALLY ready in perfect time for my mom’s 80th year. We have called it La Rose and it will be available only in the roller ball to start with.


The fragrance is a most natural smelling rose. Imagine a ripe, gorgeous rose picked straight your garden. When you take your first inhalation the smell is so clean, so fresh, so natural. That is what La Rose smells like. We have added delicate Heliotrope and fresh Geranium to round out the scent. The “juice” has a delicate pink tint and the box will be a pale pink resembling a confection!

Happy summer and stay tuned for more news as the summer progresses.


  • OMG!! I Love, love, love this picture. So many pictures capture her beauty. But Natalie with this
    rose, she is just crazy beautiful.

  • July 20th would have been Natalie’s 80th Birthday, this birthday for her was heavy on my heart. Natalie’s movie Inside Daisy Clover is one of my favorite movies EVER. I also watched this film just before she died. I’m so sorry she is no longer hear with us to see how much she was loved, appreciated and how her movies are still considered classics. I would have continued to admire, respect and love her. A little hard for me, I still have not watched Inside Daisy Clover but I will try. I’am so grateful for this website. If I had to put my feelings to a few words, I would say, Natalie you were simply the best. HAPPY 80th Birthday.

  • Natasha, I don’t Instagram or twitter, but I wanted you to know; I’m always here for you
    and your family – I got your back.

  • So excited to hear about; What Remains Behind. Proud and Happy for you Natasha. There are
    no words to explain how it so warms my heart. I love and miss your Mom so much. I look forward
    to this tribute to her life, talent and her great devotion to you and Courtney. Always remember a
    mother’s love is like the air we breath, the sunshine and the moon that glows at night, its always there. xoxox, here for you. I’m one of Natalie Wood’s forever fans.

    Dorothy Ann

  • Today is Natalie’s 81st Birthday, thinking of your whole family on this day. I know you’re always loving, always missing your Mom. I just wanted you to also know that you are not alone in thinking
    about her and missing her. Much love, always

    Dorothy Ann

  • Natasha I hope your Birthday was a special day? I’m so sorry about your father’s passing. I’m sure, I know he loved you dearly. We live knowing life isn’t meant to last forever, that one day life ends. Your father lived a great life and I’m sure you and your siblings were his greatest joy. What I admire most about you, is that you’ve found away to remember what was great and wonderful about your Mom. Fill your days doing the same now about your Dad. Enjoy your Birthday month, God love you!

    Dorothy Ann

  • Looking forward to watching, Miracle on 34th street. A movie that reflects the meaning of Christmas and the true holiday spirit. It is the only movie l can watch of Natalie’s without getting teary eyed. On this day we woke to find Natalie was gone too soon. But she is never forgotten and always loved. Remembering you today Natalie. See you on the other side.

  • Natasha, So happy for you, finishing the documentary on your Mom. I know the docu being a labor of love, it took a lot of you to complete it. I’m sure your mother is honored and beyond proud of both the book and the documentary. My hope for you is that, What Remain Behind and the book More Than Love, leaves you where you need to be in your own understanding of your mom’s passing. As I know living life without a parent from childhood, leaves you incomplete. What I hope you will always understand and know is that your mom, Loved you and Courtney more than love.

    Dorothy Ann

  • I will be ordering the La Rose soon. I watched Miracle on 34th Street for Christmas 2021. When I saw Natalie, I said to my husband, “That’s Claire!” Claire is our granddaughter and she is 7 years old. Her birthday is July 18–just two days before Natalie’s (Natasha’s) birthday. Is it any wonder that Claire would look like Natalie? I have loved her movies since I was a girl–many years ago.

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