Reflections: A Video Series…

Reflections: A Video Series About the Life of the Legendary Natalie Wood as Told by the People Who Were Closest to Her

Each month, we will debut a new video featuring one of the people nearest and dearest to Natalie Wood talking about their memories of Natalie and the impact she had on their life. Be sure to check back and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know!


  • I love this site so much. Espescially all the stories they’re telling about Natalie, in a kind off way it’s almost that you get the idea of knowing her, that’s so special and amazing. I also love the fact that the family and friends are willing to share their own personal stories of her with all of us fans. And ofcourse the way how Natalie’s family honors her couldn’t be more beautiful. Keep up the good work. I love the new book, can’t get get enough of it. And one day i also hope to get to enjoy the Natalie fragrance… Natalie would be very proud, that’s for sure !!!

    Love Nikki

  • I loved your mother. Natalie was such a lady and beautiful and had such a warmth about her. I am so happy you brought her memory back with her lovely fragrance.


  • I loved seeing and hearing Natasha talk about her mother. What a wonderful idea to have a series of reflections, from the people who knew Natalie best.

  • I have adored Natalie since I was a child. I’ll admit it’s for self-centered reasons. All of my life I’ve been told I look like her. I consider it the supreme compliment when someone even today notices the resemblance! I’ve always loved gardenia perfume. When I became aware it was Natalie’s favorite also I was floored! Of course I ordered a bottle immediately.

  • I have adored Natalie since I was a child. I’ll admit it’s for self-centered reasons. All of my life I’ve been told I look like her. I consider it the supreme compliment when someone even today notices the resemblance! I’ve always loved gardenia perfume. When I became aware it was Natalie’s favorite also I was floored! Of course I ordered a bottle immediately. (I’ve requested the new book about her for xmas of course!)

  • What wonderful memories you girls have of your lovely mother! She was my favorite star of all times, wish she was still with all of us. You have a Merry Christmas and remember just the good things.
    Mary Beth Kifowit

  • I absolutely love the interviews and videos of family members and friends remembering Natalie Wood. It is a wonderful idea knowing all personal information about her. I am a very avid fan of hers. She was a wonderful actress and mother from what Natasha says.

    I just love this videos. It is so sad about her death but I bought the new book Reflections and it is absolutely wonderful. I love all the pictures and personal journals.

    Wonderful job.

  • This is such a beautiful legacy to honour her legacy. You, her daughters, your Dad (s) and all near and dear to her in her life, and after, were given such a gift ! Pure LOVE is what this fan has witnessed and feels since finding your site on my favourite ST?R ! Thank you for this journey beyond her films! Thank you XX

  • I just love this site! Natalie has been my very favorite since I was knee high! I have always admired her as an actress and as a woman. The way she worked so hard to learn and to grow as a person, so inspiring. My interest in the artist Bonnard, comes directly from reading that your mother liked his work. What a wonderful tribute to her, the scent, the book, this site and above all, you girls! And how kind and generous of you to share such special memories of her with us. Merry Christmas and wishing you the happiest of New Years!

  • I’ve been watching and reviewing videos of Natasha speaking and discussing memories, this evening, and it’s been super uplifting. I was named after Natalie Wood and grew up with a mother who was a *very* avid fan, which I became too. I’ve shared my story before, hehe, but I thought I would post my current thoughts here, in the correct place this time 😉 As a kid I was very into acting and music performance, partly due to being inspired by being named after a great actress. Since I have mild autism, acting and musical theatre helped me cope and gain skills which I needed. So anyways I have followed the story and movies of Natalie Wood throughout my life, on and off, and it feels kind of part of me. I can really relate with Natalie in some ways actually. The whole thing about not experiencing being child, being precocious and adult like, and acting .. I very much did that too but for different reasons/different circumstances..but it’s somewhat relatable! I’m sort of both feisty and sensitive too lol. I’ve also been told I look somewhat like Natalie Wood too. I’m also very petite. Since I was named after her, this kind of trips me out! Not that I look “so much” like her, but it’s like how would my mom know that I would bear resemblance *and* name me after her 😛 .. A coincidence for sure, but a bit trippy! Anyways, they say people on the spectrum lack empathy but I beg to differ, many of us have too much of it, and I have always had an extreme amount of empathy for Courtney and Natasha and what they went through re: losing their mom. It’s very cheering to see/feel this obvious healing shift in energies, with this beautiful project here! I’ve been following it on and off for a while too, and it’s growing amazingly! I don’t doubt Natalie Wood is a spiritual guide in this <3 .. As of late I've been battling a rare/complex illness, and I'm trying to get back into my art and music myself.. I noticed that Natasha supports kids with chronic illness participating in the arts. That is awesome because it really is healing for those battling an illness to create art. Big time. I had to settle down on my blogging/activism and shift more to that for better energies. If/when I get to doing my music art stuff, it helps my anxiety, depression and pain. I love butterflies too, my music artist name is Bionic Butterfly. For me that's about escaping from a cocoon of chronic illness into another world, into a super heroine suit – it's about freedom from the illness etc..and, tbh, this is a trip out; on my site I also have a a multicoloured butterfly design, .. it's modified from a picture I took of a metal butterfly ornament which I was given as a gift.. Anyways, I wanted to share this. I have been dealing with feeling down lately due to bad flaring (winter) and some possible health scares ie. waiting for clarification of things, freaked out etc.. but watching/listening to Natasha happily speak today, seeing her and RJ on Youtube introducing Natalie's movies (gave me positive memories!) and the news about upcoming ideas etc. this was so uplifting and exciting! It was a really happy diversion and reminds me that grief can be diverted. I've been feeling like crap the past few days, but now I feel like having a go at playing some keys and vocals this evening. So thanks Natasha ! <3 Merry Christmas to you and your family… and PS. I just emailed about the candle (I'm in Canada) My hubby will get it for me, for Christmas, and I would love the book/perfume when they're available to ship! 🙂 peace.

  • Natasha,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of your Mother. I’m sure she’s so proud of the amazing woman that you are.

  • In response to Anthony, I’am for sure proud of the woman you’ve become. I’m also so taken
    by how you, Natasha and Courtney have all of your mother’s good looks. I know its been awhile
    but I finally received my Natalie Fragrance. All I have to say is OMG!!! Love – Love Love it. xoxox

  • Natasha,

    In the bible Psalm, 127:3
    Behold the children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
    Always remember you are your Mother’s gift from God. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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